The Ethnic Relations NGO

Franco Nuschese is honorary president of The Ethnic Relations NGO, a non-profit organization established in Tramonti (Salerno) Costiera Amalfitana, Italy, in 1988 by his dear friend Aurelio Giordano.

The purpose of the Ethnic Relations NGO is to develop friendly relations among nations by giving cultural contributions, preserving the community identity and heritage of the different groups, and fostering an interest in the history of emigration.

The Ethnic Relations NGO also provides scholarships and awards to young students of the Amalfi Coast region.

Global Virus Network

In 2013, Franco Nuschese was elected to the Board of Directors of the Global Virus Network (GVN), a group that brings together preeminent virologists from around the world to tackle the problem of viral threats.

As Franco notes in the Huffington Post, viruses affect economies and national security in addition to human health – they are a major problem that requires a global effort to solve. The Global Virus Network aims to eradicate pandemics and bio-terrorism through its work with scientists in the international community.

To learn more, visit the GVN website.

Institute of Human Virology

In 2005, Franco was appointed to the Board of Advisors for the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine.

The Institute of Human Virology (IHV) is leading the charge in the fight against viral and immune disorders with a focus on HIV/AIDS. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Robert C. Gallo, William Blattner, MD, and Robert Redfield, MD, IHV brings together the disciplines of science, epidemiology, and clinical research to hasten the discovery of key therapeutics and diagnostics and make a real difference in the lives of patients.

Located in the heart of Baltimore, IHV represents a cooperative effort between the State of Maryland, the City of Baltimore, the University of Maryland, and the University of Maryland Medical System. The Institute serves as host to many of the world’s most distinguished experts in the field of human virology, and coordinates and delivers care to approximately 5,000 patients in Baltimore and more than 500,000 patients worldwide.

Through cutting-edge multidisciplinary research, coordinated outreach, and compassionate care, IHV continues to improve the scientific understanding and treatment of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, herpes, and virally-caused cancers.

Georgetown University Italian Research Institute

Mr. Franco Nuschese is a member of the Georgetown University Italian Research Institute Board of Advisors.

The Institute was created by Dr. Serafina Hager, former Chair of the Italian Department at Georgetown University. In addition to teaching at the university for many years, Dr. Hager served as Associate Dean of the School of Languages & Linguistics, Curricular Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Linguistics, and Special Assistant to the Provost for International Initiatives.

The Italian Research Institute’s mission is to support the great talent of contemporary Italian scholars and leaders who excel in their fields, and to facilitate collaboration with non-Italian scholars and leaders. The Institute seeks to focus on cutting-edge research and innovations that contribute to and benefit society at large.

Since its opening, the Institute has hosted many distinguished scholars and artists such as Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Medicine; Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Laureate in Literature; and Dr. Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Laureate in Physics. In addition, the Institute has sponsored Alessandro Baricco, famous Italian novelist, and Vittorio Storaro, three-time Oscar winner for cinematography.