Georgetown Entertainment Group

Franco Nuschese began his career as a marketing professional in London. Nuschese’s success in that sphere led him to Las Vegas, where his entrepreneurial career was born. From 1983 through 1991, Nuschese managed restaurants for Caesars Palace and served as Assistant Vice President of Marketing to Europe and Middle East operations for Caesars World, Inc.

From there, he moved to Washington, DC, where he worked in the restaurant business on his own, continuing to apply his marketing and business acumen to the city’s restaurants with great success. This experience eventually inspired him to create Georgetown Entertainment Group, a global management consulting firm that provides professional services focused on public relations, strategy, marketing, and organization.

Cafe Milano

Franco Nuschese opened the doors of Cafe Milano the day President Bill Clinton was elected for his first term (November 3, 1992). Today the Georgetown restaurant is one of the most renowned hubs of the international jet-set: Cafe Milano counts among its patrons American presidents, foreign dignitaries, Hollywood stars, journalists, musicians, and sports legends. Just as important to Nuschese are the nonfamous people who patronize Cafe Milano: everyone who steps inside its doors, from VIPs to DC locals, enjoys a red carpet experience. In 2016, Cafe Milano marked its second location in the world at Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi, in the vibrant atmosphere of the Al Maryah Island waterfront.

The restaurant’s concept is reminiscent of Milan – it draws inspiration from the area’s fashion industry, Old World romanticism, and fast-paced modern European lifestyle. Cafe Milano is known as the place to see and be seen: the most glamorous, sought-after stage in the city. The recipe for Cafe Milano’s success is simple: a very welcoming and casual atmosphere, authentic Italian cuisine, great wines, and unrivaled hospitality, accentuated by attention to detail.

About the art of entertaining, Nuschese notes that “when you open a restaurant – or any business for that matter – it is like you are opening your home. You are, in a way, selling yourself. These are your guests, and you have to be a host. You have to make them feel like they’re at home.”[1]

For more information about the famous Georgetown institution, visit CafeMilano.com (US) or CafeMilano.ae (UAE).

Capital Wines

“In victory, you deserve Champagne.
In defeat you need it.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

“Wine is the poetry of the land.”
-Mario Soldati

Growing up in Italy, Franco Nuschese was surrounded by some of the finest wines in the world. When he moved to the United States and began working in the hospitality industry, he saw an opportunity to bring the fine wines of his heritage to a new audience, and founded D.C.-based Capital Wines to bring this vision to life.

Capital Wines sources, selects, and imports fine Italian wines from artisanal producers who represent the best of their regional and local cultures. The wines in Capital Wines’ collection all share a commitment to quality and character – you will taste the essence of Italy in every sip, and experience the variety afforded by different regions of the country.

In addition to importing fine Italian wines, Nuschese collaborates with famed winemakers such as Carlo Ferrini and Bruno de Conciliis. Nuschese’s close collaboration with these winemaking artists produces superior Italian vintages that pay homage to the celebrated Italian wineries from which they originate.

Capital Wines is a dream come true for Nuschese. He delights in sharing the splendor of his Southern Italian birthplace with American wine lovers. As Nuschese says, “It’s a taste and experience of my soul, and that’s the ultimate gift.”

Atlantic Council

In 2013, Franco Nuschese was elected to the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Council of the United States. Founded in 1961, this nonpartisan Council of global leaders seeks to promote transatlantic cooperation and international security through thoughtful policy decisions.

The Atlantic Council plays an instrumental role in shaping policy on significant issues such as the environment, energy, global financial instability, and the future of NATO.

Interested in learning more? Visit The Atlantic Council to find out about its international relations initiatives and policy reform efforts.